Fans of the Wolder Girls are in shock as JYP Entertainment has just announced that leader Sun and vocalist Sohee of the group have official withdrawn from the girl group.

Although it’s already been known that the Wonder Girls will promote as a quartet with members Sunmi, Yubin, Lim, and Yenny, many still hoped that Sohee and Sun would promote with the rest of the girls at a later date. Those hopes have now dimished as the dreaded news was finally announced.

JYP wrote in a brief statement to the press: “Sunye and Sohee, both active as Wonder Girls members, have withdrawn from the team. Wonder Girls will accordingly promote as a four member group with Yeeun, Yubin, Sunmi, and Hyelim.”

JYP explained that Sun had terminated her contract to focus her time on her family. On the other hand, Sohee has not been under contract with JYP Entertainment for some time; she withdrew from the girl group to focus on her individual musical persuits.

Despite them leaving, both girls are still very supportive of the Wonder Girls preparation for their comeback. Both Sohee and Sun also wrote long, heartfelt letters to their fans thanking them for all the years of love.

Although this is sad news for the Wonder Girls fandom, there is still much excitement for the girls’ impending comeback as a band!

Watch the music video for “Be My Baby” below: