Usher is an industry mainstay for a really good reason: pretty much every music video he releases is hard-hitting and hot.

With his just-dropped video for “Crash,” which he debuted on June 17, the 37-year-old has made sure that we all know he’s one of the best dancers around. The soul-baring track is sure to make our summer playlists!

Depite the massive production, the song is stripped down to the most essential elements: a sharp beat, humming synths, and Usher’s breathtaking (as usual) vocal range. The subject matter of risky love and heartbreak is nothing new, but the emotional power with which the crooner sings with puts the track among his best.

In the music video, Usher shows off his smooth dance moves as he grooves in a shadowy room. He’s all by himself in the clip, almost making it seem like he’s putting on a private show for us, and we’re definitely here for it. “Would you mind if I still loved you? Would you mind if things don’t last?” he sings in the chorus. This heartwrenching emotion is portrayed in the video, with Usher even shedding some tears in a close-up. Classic Usher.

Though there’s no release date yet on his upcoming album Flawed (featuring “Crash” and “No Limit”), it’s expected to be out sometime in July. The singer will also be portrayed American fighter Sugar Ray Leonard along with Robert DeNiro in the biopic Hands of Stone, which hits theaters on August 26.

Check out the video for “Crash” down below!