Love them or hate them, T-ara are always bringing a dance touch to their fans and the girl group’s latest single is no different.

“So Crazy” sees the girls embracing a bit of funk-pop, a departure in sound from their big-room EDM single “Sugar Free” that was released in both English and Korean last year. The massive banger was produced by Brave Brothers, who seemingly gave T-ara a single that borrows style from his past work–like touches of 4Minute’s “What’s Your Name” and AOA’s “Miniskirt”–but the cut still remainds a very funky and fun dance track.

The acommpanying video is also extremely fun as the women start off as cafe-working nerds who band together to try out a sexy sailor look and end up winning a competition to be the center of all male attention.

Throughout their music career, T-ara has become known for their long music videos that start and stop the song to continue with the plot line, with the 6:13 visual being no different. Check it out below!