Steve Aoki, Felix Jaehn, and Adam Lambert are telling you that you can’t go home, but you can definitely monkey around.

The EDM masters’ collaborative effect “Can’t Go Home” features some incredible vocals from Adam Lambert, and the cute music video focuses on the precious bond between a beach gal and her chimpanzee companion.

The instrospective monkey sits by himself in his waterfront house, feeling restless until his new lady friend comes along and brightens up his life. They spend time getting to know one another, but eventually have a spat over something that occured in the primate’s past. But have no fear–it’s all smiles and sunshine by the end of the clip.

Last month, Adam Lambert commented on his collaboration with Aoki and Jaehn for the track, describing “Can’t Go Home” as “very much a summer jam.” We’d say that it’s a spot-on description.

Get into the summer vibes of the “Can’t Go Home” music video down below!