It may be clammy, gloomy, and freezing outside, but hitmaker OMI is here to bring a bit of sunshine pop goodness to the middle of January with the fun clip for his latest single, “Drop In The Ocean.”

The song follows up the Jamaican singer’s previous smash hit “Cheerleader”–one of the top 10 biggest-selling tracks of the past year–in addition to its follow-up, “Hula Hoop.”

“Drop In The Ocean” features the 29-year-old doing what he does best: Singing a cheerful love song over a reggae-pop beat while being surrounded by a herd of beautiful girls. The music video was directed by Daniel Czernilofsky, and if you watch really closely, you’ll be able to see a quick cameo by featured artist AronChupa.

Like OMI’s global hits “Cheerleader” and “Hula Hoop,” “Drop In The Ocean” appears on the singer’s debut album Me 4 U. Incidentally, it’s been a full year since we had the sneaky feeling that “Cheerleader” would be a future smash. Perhaps, “Drop In The Ocean” will meet the same fate…

Check out the music video down below!