Melanie Martinez‘s debut studio album Cry Baby has completely taken off and developed a life of its own since being released in August of last year.

The innocently sweet yet secretly demented concept album debuted at no.6 on the Billboard 200 and it’s been hanging out in the top 50 almost a full year later. A big factor in its enduring popularity, aside from the music being top tier, is the steady release of surreal videos (there will be one for each song) which assist in bringing the 21-year-old’s dark fairytale to life.

After presenting fans with a freakishly scary childbirth scene in “Cry Baby,” Martinez has gone down the less confronting road with her “Alphabet Boy” video. She continues her trademark adult-baby getup and plays with oversized props and even a pacifier.

Things take a turn when she grabs a large butcher life and gives up a glimpse of Cry Baby’s (the LP’s primary character) homocidal tendencies. It’s adorable, a bit retro, and completely twisted.

Check out the music video for “Alphabet Boy” below!