Marina and The Diamonds has returned with her fifth, and possibly best, video from Froot on July 16.

After keeping things surprisingly minimal with the other visuals, the Brit has gone big and bold with this neon-themed joyride. The “Blue” came earlier this week and revealed the plot: the pop songstress is trying to get her mind off a breakup with a visit to a fairground, but the good vibes and vivid lights only intensity her sadness.

The not so “Happy” diva takes in the sights as a lone visitor. Marina starts off composed, eating cotton candy and walking through a lonely roller disco, but she’s soon overcome with emotion and spends a chunk of time weeping on a ride.

It’s the most Marina-esque moment of the whole Froot era and we love it. There’s a bit of choreography at the end, which fines our heroine dancing the night away in front of bumper cars.

Check out the music video for “Blue” below: