Madeon (born May 30, 1994), real name Hugo Pierre Leclercq, is a French electronic music producer hailing from Nantes, France. He started composing music at the tender age of 11, producing under the alias “Deamon” until 2010 when he started producing house under his current name, Madeon. That same year, he won a remix competition for “The Island” by Pendulum.

He went on to remix other notable electronic artists’ songs the following year. Leclercq uploaded a video of himself performing his mash-up “Pop Culture” to YouTube on July 7, 2011, propelling to fame. It was mixed and performed on-the-fly using a Novation Launchpad and featured samples from thirty-nine songs. The clip went viral quickly, reaching over six million views in only a few days.

A debut EP was planned to be released at the end of 2011, but it was canceled in favor of releasing multiple singles. The first of them, “Icarus,” was released on February 24, 2012 on his independent label popcultur.

In 2012, Madeon was listed at #54 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list. He toured with Lady Gaga as an opening act on her Born This Way Ball. He worked with Gaga on three tracks including “Gypsy,” “Mary Jane Holland,” and “Venus” on her 2013 LP ARTPOP.

On August 3, 2013, he released a new single titled “Technicolor.” On February 25, 2014, Leclercq released another track available for free download on his website titled, “Cut The Kid,” claiming it was first created circa 2011-2012.

In September 2014, “Imperium” was released and is the lead single from Madeon’s debut album Adventure. On December 8, 2014, Leclercq released the second single from the album titled “You’re On” featuring Kyan. The studio LP was released on March 27, 2015 and comes in standard and deluxe versions with the standard version having 12 tracks featuring Kyan, Dan Smith, Passion Pit, Mark Foster, and Aquilo. The deluxe features previously released singles “The City,” “Finale,” “Icarus,” “Cut The Kid,” “Technicolor,” as well as a bonus song featuring Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

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