Lady  Gaga isn’t just appearing in American Horror Story–she will be leading the cast! At Television Critics Association (TCA), creators and cast talked about what fans should expect of its fifth season Hotel. Ryan Murphy, co-creator of the show, revealed that the Mother Monster plays Elizabeth, the owner of the spooky Hotel Cortez.

Murphy commented, “She is a very wealthy social doyenne who is consumed with art, fashion, and people, and she has a nefarious plan that is revealed in the first episode that plays out over the season.”

Gaga wasn’t actually at the panel, so everyone else present at TCA dished on Elizabeth on her behalf. Ramona Royal, played by cast member Angela Bassett, has a “strong and real relationship” with her. Playing hotel denizen Donavan, Matt Bomer is closely associated with Elizabeth. Finn Wittrok is played by male model Tristan Duffy and he “finds the biggest high in Lady Gaga[‘s character.]”

However, Elizabeth doesn’t get along with everyone who checks into her Hotel Cortez. Model Naomi Campbell plays a fashion editor who “pays the ultimate price for her critiques.”

American Horror Story: Hotel will premiere on October 7 on FX, with the 13-episode season running all the way into January. You can watch Lady Gaga’s AHS preview down below: