It’s not even Thanksgiving yet but we’re already up to our knees in holiday marketing campaigns shoving shiny red-ribboned cars and family festivities in our faces. Happy holidays, it is!

Now Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett are in a Christmas commercial, singing the holiday classic “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” in a new advertisement for Barns & Noble. (We’d love to see the market research that led to decision that the struggle chain bookstore had a juicy demographic overlap with Mother Monster and Bennett.)

The Cheek To Cheek collaborators are very cute and cheerful as they browse through the cozy bookstore and express surprise when they bump into each other. Since we know that the Cheek To Cheek album sequel is full of Cole Porter songs, it makes you wonder if the full version of this duet will be released as an individual single. Maybe it won’t happen after all, depending on how you feel about the cliché Christmas anthem.

Watch it down below and let us know what you think!