Hip-hop genius Kendrick Lamar has stated that he may retire the songs from his blockbuster second album, To Pimp A Butterfly, after his current run of tour dates. If this is actually true, his appearance on Austin City Limits is that much more special for fans.

On January 9, the Compton rapper will make an appearance on the long-running concert series. As promotion for this event, his performance of “Alright” has already been released. But for today, we get some exciting clips on Kendrick performing “Wesley’s Theory” and “Hood Politics.”

Both songs are on his sophomore album along with “Alright,” the record that Lamar released in the midst of much anticipation last March. After his hyped major label debut in 2012 with good kid, m.A.A.d. city, the rapper took a sharp turn and made an LP that explores race and culture as it exists in America. He owed his musical debuts to a variety of genres including funk, p-funk, and jazz.

Kendrick Lamar Floats Through L.A. In ‘Alright’ Music Video

Kendrick recently released a short film titled God Is Gangsta, which acts as a de facto music video for “For Sale” and “u,” which also appear on To Pimp A Butterfly. Two tracks precede the album: the Isley Brothers-sampled single “i” and “The Blacker the Berry,” a political song that features dancehall star Assassin.

Diddy recently cited Lamar as his inspiration for re-releasing MMM, his 2015 mixtape, as a proper and full album. The icon made a point by saying that Butterfly was initially free in the iTunes store, only to sell well when it was properly released.

Check out Lamar’s performances of “Wesley’s Theory” and “Hood Politics” down below!