Katy Perry is more hot than cold and well, her bank account proves it.

The “Roar” songstress has nabbed the #3 spot on Forbes‘ Highest Paid Celebrities list, coming in right behind boxers Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. She has earned an astonishing #135 million from touring the past year–more than Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus combined.

The pop singer takes pride in her entrepreneurship and domination of the pop charts.

She told Forbes, “I am proud of my position as a boss, as a person that runs my own company. I’m an entrepreneur… I don’t want to shy away from it. I actually want to kind of grab it by its balls.”

Katy Perry named #3 on Forbes' 2015 Celebrity 100 list.

Perry’s extremely successful Prismatic World Tour consisted of 124 shows, 75 of them taking place overseas. Her 2012 documentary Part of Me was created on a $6 million budget but grossed an incredible $33 million. She also happens to be the face of brands such as Adidas, CoverGirl, and Popchips.

“One thing I’ve been able to do is know the power of having equity deals,” she told Forbes. “I don’t ever like to do things unless I’m really a part of them.”

Other musicians in the top 10 of the list include One Direction at #4, Garth Brooks at #6, and Taylor Swift at #8, respectively. Check out the full list here!

Katy Perry covers Forbes for their 2015 Celebrity 100 list.