Justin Bieber performed an impressive vanishing act during his concert on Thursday night! Unfortunately for him, it was unintentional… and looked like it hurt.

The “Love Yourself” singer was feelings lots of love from the crowd at his Saskatoon, Canada show when he failed to notice that he was walking towards an open trapped door. He took a gnarly fall down the hole, tumbling several feet into the floor. Although it’s a great trick for a magician, it isn’t the smoothest move for a singer.

However, Bieber did his best to brush off the obvious hurt and defeat against gravity. He joked to the audience, “Good thing I’m like a cat and landed on my feet. That scared the f— outta me.” Aside from a little embarrassment, it seems like he suffered no injuries.

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The 22-year-old is lucky to have escaped the last few weeks without scratches. Just last week, Justin got into a fistfight after Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Cleveland on June 8. He was knocked hard to the ground by a reportedly 6’5″ man. “Not a scratch on this pretty boy,” he captioned the Instagram video that has since been deleted.

With his behavior becoming more odd and erratic, some people within the Canadian singer’s circle worry that his Purpose World Tour could be pushing him to a breakdown. An insider spilled to PEOPLE, “Two months into it, and he already feels beat. He’s not losing it, though. He’s just trying to find ways to focus.”

Check out the vids of him tumbling down below!

#JustinBieber took a big tumble at his show last night. Hope he’s okay! 😢

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Wait for it…. Wait…… Boom… #JustinBieber 😩

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