Haywyre (née Martin Vogt) is currently making crowds go wild at major cities on his Two Fold Pt. 2 Tour, promoting his latest LP to drop on Monstercat. I had the absolute pleasure of seeing him live in Los Angeles at the El Rey Theatre and it’s safe to say that Haywyre is just as good live, if not better, as you would assume. The hype for the album was well-deserved, and Vogt certainly proved it with his live show dynamic.

Haywyre is being accompanied by different opening acts for different venues on his Pt. 2 tour and I had the treat of seeing Grabbitz, a Monstercat labelmate, open up the show. He did a phenomenal job of hyping up the crowd and setting the tone for the rest of the night. As you would imagine, Grabbitz’s set was full of bass-heavy, thumping tracks including “X Up (ft. Messinian)” by Excision & The Frim and even his own remix of Karma Field’s “Build The Cities (ft. Kerli)“. He brought a bit of nostalgia to the show by playing his earlier Monstercat releases like “Here With You Now,” “Turn Around,” and “Ballin’“. But the biggest roars from the crowd came when he played tracks from his latest Float Away EP including “Better With Time.” He finished his set with “Float Away” and it was the perfect way to say goodbye and introduce Haywyre’s presence. All in all, Grabbitz had an electric energy and he killed his set!

And the moment we were all waiting for… Haywyre came out and opened the show with “I Am Me” transitioning into “I Am You,” parallel to how Two Fold Pt. 2 plays out. It built up energy in the theater leading up to the rest of the songs on the album and introduced the crowd to his whole live show dynamic. He had multiple GoPro cameras pointed at his Nektar Panorama P6 keyboard, which projected his live playing (yes, he actually performed the whole time!) onto the widescreen behind him. During the entire show, we were able to see exactly what he was doing in between cuts of visuals inspired by the Pt. 2 artwork.

Haywyre weaved some of his past Monstercat singles throughout the show including “Everchanging” and “Back and Forth.” He’s known for his meticulous blend of genres but it was something else experiencing glitch-hop, jazz, future bass, nu-disco, and electronic being incorporated so effortlessly in a live setting. It was also a very pleasant surprise to hear him play some of my personal favorite EDM tracks such as Kill Paris’ classic glitch track “Baby Come Back” and Oliver Nelson’s remix of “All Cried Out (ft. Alex Newell)” by Blonde.

One of my favorite moments from the entire night was hearing Haywyre blending some old school Daft Punk vibes with his Pt. 2 jams. He flawlessly played the famous solo of “Aerodynamic” on top of “Robot Rock,” then seamlessly transitioned into the bass-heavy “Do You Don’t You“. It’s safe to say that the crowd went nuts.

Haywyre closed the entire show by playing the songs that he had created his famous live performance music videos for. He took a moment to connect with the audience and describe his whole objective in music to blend the technical DJ-ing aspect with the musical performing aspect. To our surprise, he then started playing his reinterpretation of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal“, which is how a lot of us were introduced to the EDM-jazz maestro. Haywyre followed it up with “Insight” and finally said farewell to the El Rey crowd with Two Fold Pt. 2‘s standout “Endlessly.”

The whole concert was full of energy and good vibes, and Haywyre blew us out of the water. Two Fold Pt. 2 is a stunning follow-up to Pt. 1 and it translated beautifully into a live show performance. If you’re able to get tickets to see him on tour, I would highly recommend it and assure you that it’s worth it. Now all there is to do is see who else from the Monstercat label is up to embark on a tour!