Halsey was one of the most divisive and innovative artists to emerge into the music scene in 2015–inspiring incredible devotion from fans and also, instant loathing from some not-so-fans.

Regardless of your stance, there’s no question that the 21-year-old’s debut album Badlands really impressed with its chart performance, debuting at no.2 on the Billboard 200 with a successful first-week count of 97,000 copies. She followed up by landing her very first radio hit with “New Americana.”

“Colors” is now the song on her fans’ radars and it’s definitely a step in the right direction. The anthemic electro-pop track is produced by Dylan William and showcases Halsey (real name Ashley Frangipane) describing emotions using different shades of blue.

Why might this be? She told Complex, “It’s just my creative color. It’s electric, and it’s bright, but it’s also calm. It’s also ethereal. Blue is just an otherwordly color to me.”

Listen to “Colors” down below and let us know what you think!