GOT7 may be young in their years, but they’ve sure got some wise advice for fans. On their new single “Just Right,” the boys have crafted an ode to all the females, assuring them that their looks and weight are perfect whatever they are.

Not only do the lyrics hit the mark, this single is on par with “A” as one of the boy band’s best songs to date. The chill hip-hop production is full of woozy synths, guitar strums, and snaps that are topped off with a dance breakdown of warm “woo-oohs” that are extremely catchy.

The music video fits perfectly with the lyrics at GOT7 play mini men who tell a young and insecure girl why she’s “Just Right.” The guys look adorable as tiny boy band members as they float in a bowl alongside cereal, get blown away by a fan, and dance on a table for the special lady.

“Just Right” is the title song from the band’s new EP that has six tracks listed. GOT7 first appeared on a U.S. Billboard chart when their debut EP Got It? topped at #1 on World Albums in 2014. The 7-member band have since released the Got Love EP and Identity full-length album. Both peaked at #6, marking a chart entry for all their releases so far.


Check out the music video above and tell us what you think!