Get ready, Sones! Girls’ Generation are ready to release their fifth album any day now. Their label, SM Entertainment, is about to drop the Lion Heart LP in two batches with six tracks each.

The first batch, led by its retro-pop style title track, will be released on August 18. The second batch, including the hip-hop inspired “You Think,” debuts the day after.

To build hype the ladies’ return, SM Entertainment has released exciting teasers for both the “Lion Heart” and “You Think” music videos over the weekend. The girl group seems to be able to travel back in time through US History for “Lion Heart,” with looks reminiscent of the ’60s (mods) and the ’20s (flappers).

The style for “You Think” nouveau riche like we’ve never seen, with the ladies lavishly dressed in old-fashioned crystals but these antique accessories seem to be covered in neon decals. Similiar to the songs, these visuals couldn’t be any more different.

Check out Girls’ Generation’s “Lion Heart” and “You Think” teasers down below!