Drake‘s latest LP Views has been out for three weeks now, and surprisingly there hasn’t been many remixes flying around.

However, that changed yesterday on OVO Sound Radio when Drake’s mentor himself, Lil Wayne, was heard creeping onto Boi-1da‘s “Hype” instrumental. Finally, we got the first official Views remix.

In the track, Weezy boasts of pulling up in a car he affectionately calls “Purple Rain,” singing Prince‘s “Purple Rain” while drinking “purple rain” (we all know what that is). Those first couple bars alone are enough to get any crowd hyped. Even more, the Young Money honcho references everyone’s favorite purple dinosaur: “I call my AK Barney, and I’m gonna let this baby bop.”

Drake and Lil Wayne have teamed up many times over the past several years, dating back to Drake’s breakthrough mixtape So Far Gone, and continuing onto Wayne’s mixtapes, Young Money compilations, and of course the first two studio albums of Drake’s career.

Despite the turbulent interior politics of Cash Money Records since the the end of 2014, the two hip-hop stars have maintained their friendship, reaffirmed one again by this new remix. Check it out down below!