Disclosure, comprised of brothers Lawrence and Guy Howard, have been carefully preparing for the release of their upcoming album titled “Caracal” over the past year.

To the excitement of fans, it’s due out on September 25 with just two tour dates lined up following the release: the L.A. Sports Arena on September 29 and Madison Square Garden on October 24.

There are 15 songs listed on the LP with only 4 tracks listed on iTunes, one being “Holding On” featuring Greg Porter which can be purchased and downloaded now.

Another track was given a little more exposure via social media this week as the brothers announced on their Instagram that their new single with Sam Smith will be called “Omen.” It will also feature another familiar collaboration, singer/producer Jimmy Napes. The album title “Caracal” was taken from Disclosure’s love for the caracal, a wild cat.

The album is a follow-up effort with the band and Sam Smith, who have worked together on their mega hit, “Latch.” We’ll have to be patient and see if the hype surrounding the album will be just as explosive as their first releases.

Check out the Instagram post below for the new single art and pre-order “Caracal” on iTunes here!