Just this past week on May 23, deadmau5 fell victim to some “elementary” hacking by Our Mine, an anonymous group that claimed they were just “checking security” for his SoundCloud. How lovely of them! The trio group angered Zimmerman, who went as far as to delete his account two days later until SoundCloud updated their less-than-pristine security.

The DJ-producer instead took to Spotify as a new platform, releasing the first full version of his new single “Snowcone” for eager fans to enjoy.

Initially, the track appeared on our radars as a demo in early April. It sounds clearer and crisper than the previous demo, having been tidied up and mastered, but the arrangement and songwriting is essentially the same. It steps outside the usual progressive world of deadmau5 and into a smooth trip-hop soundscape, full of ambient synths and chiming piano overtones that create a luscious sound design tinged with meloncholy.

“Snowcone” seems to be the answer to the mysterious video Zimmerman posted on Mau5trap just the day before, whose mau5 head is emerging from a bunch of snow. This implies a pending release from the EDM pioneer; we can only hope! There’s not much substantial info on when the whole of “Project Entropy” will be revealed but based on his incredibly impressive rate of production, we can expect something very soon.

Check it out down below and let us know what you think!