This past week, the biggest buzz was that queen Beyoncé was rumored to release a brand new single “Formation,” ahead of her performance during Coldplay‘s Super Bowl 50 halftime show. As it turns out, those rumors were true!

Without any warning, Bey made the new track available on TIDAL and posted a music video on her official website. She has found yet even more ways to reinvent herself with “Formation,” in ways that make her bolder and badder than we could have ever guessed. From that first raspy note onward, the track is pure swagger, with Real Housewives shade (“I twirl on my haters”) and hip-hop rhymes (“You might just be a black Bill Gates in the making / I might just be a black Bill Gates in the making“).

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The video is chockfull of great moments, like when Beyoncé and her dancers in their fresh Gucci attire take formation inside an empty swimming pool or when Blue Ivy takes the spotlight in an 18th-century American house-style museum, smiling with the confidence we see in her mother.

But also, the “Formation” video is the most politicized that we’ve seen from her yet. We see policemen raising their hands at a black child and even a New Orleans police car floating in a scene that reminisces on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. As we know, the real-life moments that inspired those clips haven’t led to the happiest of endings. However, Beyoncé is saying that it shouldn’t have to be that way.

Watch Beyoncé’s “Formation” video and single art for the song down below!

Download “Formation” on TIDAL 👯👯👯

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