Ariana Grande seems to be let off the hook for her recent “Donutgate” incident.

The owners of the donut shop where pop singer Ariana Grande infamously licked the powdered confectionery won’t press charges against the “One Last Time” singer, according to Entertainment Weekly.

A week and a half ago, a security camera at the Wolfee Donuts shop in Lake  Elsinore, California, caught Grande and her beau sticking their tongues out to lick donuts sitting on an open tray, presumably heedless of whether some unknowing customer would later eat it.

To the shock of many fans, Grande also declares that she “hate[s] Americans” and “hate[s] America” in the footage.

Just last Thursday, Ariana released a YouTube video in which she apologized for her shocking behavior, justifying it by claiming it was an exercise in anti-obesity activism.


To see the original security camera footage, check out the video below! What do you think of this whole scandal? Does Grande deserve to face criminal charges?