Day one of the iHeartMedia Music Summit unveiled enough exciting teasers to keep blogs humming for a while.

Selena Gomez premiered the next single from her Revival LP at the event, while Disney executives also confirmed that Demi Lovation will follow up her “Cool For The Summer” track with a song called “Confident.”

Not to mention, Republic Records also revealed that Ariana Grande will jump start her Moonlight era with a new single titled “Focus On Me.” Get ready fans because it’s due in the next couple of weeks!

As it turns out, the 22-year-old songstress spilled the secret more than a month ago on Instagram. The pop diva crypitically captioned a B&W photo, “By ‘focus’ i meant ‘focus on me’#thisisahint #youllsee.”

Grande certainly isn’t wasting time on releasing some new tunes for fans. The dust hasn’t even settled completely since “One Last Time” (the fourth single from My Everything) and she’s already starting on a new LP. Perhaps it’s damage control after her Donutgate scandal?

Ariana Grande To Face Criminal Charges In Donut-Licking Scandal?

Check out Ariana Grande’s Instagram photo below!


by “focus” i meant “focus on me” #thisisahint 💭 #youllsee 🌙🌛 ☕️ 🙊

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